Ballast: VIQUA™ BA-ICE-S Controller OEM Replacement 100-240V

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100-240v VIQUA™ Controller BA-ICE-S. For use with the following UV water systems:

  • SQ-PA
  • S1Q-PA
  • S2Q-PA
  • S5Q-PA
  • S8Q-PA
  • S12Q-PA

This ballast replaces the BA-ICE-1F, BA-ICE-2F, BA-DTA, BA-212, BA-DT5A, BA-RO/P, and BA-DT1.

This ballast is also an equivalent replacement ballast for the following:

Brand Model
Aqua-Pure Water Conditioning 5605859, 56058-59, APUV-1, APUV-2, APUV-5, APUV-8
Cuno 5605859, 56058-59, APUV-1, APUV-2, APUV-5, APUV-8
Hydro-Safe HSEB-1F, HSEB-2F, HSEB-S, HSUV-SS-05, HSUV-SS-05-1, HSUV-SS-05-2, HSUV-SS-1, HSUV-SS-1-1, HSUV-SS-1-2, HSUV-SS-2, HSUV-SS-2-1, HSUV-SS-2-2, HSUV-SS-5, HSUV-SS-5-1, HSUV-SS-5-2
R-Can / Sterilight S1Q-PA, S2Q-PA, S5Q-PA, S8Q-PA, S12Q-PA, SQ-PA

Disclaimer: This is an Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation® Surelite® brand ballast. It can be used as an equivalent replacement ballast for other brands.


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Part Category:
Part Type Equipment Brand Model / Part #
Ballast Aqua-Pure Water Conditioning 5605859
Ballast Aqua-Pure Water Conditioning 56058-59
Ballast Aqua-Pure Water Conditioning APUV-1
Ballast Aqua-Pure Water Conditioning APUV-2
Ballast Aqua-Pure Water Conditioning APUV-5
Ballast Aqua-Pure Water Conditioning APUV-8
Ballast Cuno 5605859
Ballast Cuno 56058-59
Ballast Cuno APUV-1
Ballast Cuno APUV-2
Ballast Cuno APUV-5
Ballast Cuno APUV-8
Ballast Hydro-Safe HSEB-1F
Ballast Hydro-Safe HSEB-2F
Ballast Hydro-Safe HSEB-S
Ballast Hydro-Safe HSUV-SS-05
Ballast Hydro-Safe HSUV-SS-05-1
Ballast Hydro-Safe HSUV-SS-05-2
Ballast Hydro-Safe HSUV-SS-1
Ballast Hydro-Safe HSUV-SS-1-1
Ballast Hydro-Safe HSUV-SS-1-2
Ballast Hydro-Safe HSUV-SS-2
Ballast Hydro-Safe HSUV-SS-2-1
Ballast Hydro-Safe HSUV-SS-2-2
Ballast Hydro-Safe HSUV-SS-5
Ballast Hydro-Safe HSUV-SS-5-1
Ballast Hydro-Safe HSUV-SS-5-2
Ballast R Can S12Q-PA
Ballast R Can S1Q-PA
Ballast R Can S2Q-PA
Ballast R Can S5Q-PA
Ballast R Can S8Q-PA
Ballast R Can SQ-PA
Ballast Sterilight S12Q-PA
Ballast Sterilight S1Q-PA
Ballast Sterilight S2Q-PA
Ballast Sterilight S5Q-PA
Ballast Sterilight S8Q-PA
Ballast Sterilight SQ-PA
Ballast Viqua 0799932600746
Ballast Viqua 799932600746
Ballast Viqua BA-212
Ballast Viqua BA-DT1
Ballast Viqua BA-DT5A
Ballast Viqua BA-DTA
Ballast Viqua BA-ICE-1F
Ballast Viqua BA-ICE-2F
Ballast Viqua BA-RO/P
Ballast Viqua S12Q-PA
Ballast Viqua S1Q-PA
Ballast Viqua S2Q-PA
Ballast Viqua S5Q-PA
Ballast Viqua S8Q-PA
Ballast Viqua SQ-PA