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VIQUA™ Power Supply Kit: B4, B4-V, C4, C4-V, D4, D4-V, IHS(D4)

Part Number:
120, 200, 210, 220, 230, 240
Voltage Range:
Varied Ship Date - Contact Us In Stock


This is the replacement power supply kit / ballast for the following Viqua™ systems:

  • 650690
  • 650691
  • B4
  • B4-V
  • C4
  • C4-V
  • D4*
  • D4-V*
  • IHS12-D4*
  • IHS22-D4*
  • UVMax B
  • UVMax B4
* Models without a Solenoid Valve

Works with the following Viqua Lamps:

  • 602726
  • 602727
  • 602804
  • 602805
  • 602810
  • 602880
  • 660037-R


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Part Category:
Part Type Equipment Brand Model / Part #
Ballast Trojan UV Technologies 650694
Ballast Trojan UV Technologies 650694-R
Ballast Trojan UV Technologies 650696
Ballast Trojan UV Technologies 650733R-002
Ballast Trojan UV Technologies D4
Ballast Trojan UV Technologies D4-V
Ballast Trojan UV Technologies IHS12-D4
Ballast Trojan UV Technologies IHS22-D4
Ballast Trojan UV Technologies UVMax D4
Ballast Trojan UV Technologies UVMax D4-V
Ballast Viqua 602726
Ballast Viqua 602727
Ballast Viqua 602804
Ballast Viqua 602805
Ballast Viqua 602810
Ballast Viqua 602880
Ballast Viqua 650690
Ballast Viqua 650691
Ballast Viqua 650694
Ballast Viqua 650694-R
Ballast Viqua 650696
Ballast Viqua 650733R-002
Ballast Viqua 660037-R
Ballast Viqua B
Ballast Viqua B4
Ballast Viqua C4
Ballast Viqua D4
Ballast Viqua D4-V
Ballast Viqua IHS12-D4
Ballast Viqua IHS22-D4
Ballast Viqua UVMax B
Ballast Viqua UVMax B4
Ballast Viqua UVMax C4
Ballast Viqua UVMax D4
Ballast Viqua UVMax D4-V