Zenith™ Meter: 254nm Germicidal 2 range 0.01 UV-1.999MV/sq cm

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The Zenith™ ultraviolet meter is a sensitive, hand-held, ultraviolet meter; used to check the intensity of aging ultraviolet lamps and survey rooms utilizing air sanitizers to ensure that the ultraviolet radiant exposure of personnel within the treated area is within acceptable limits.

The Zenith™ ultraviolet meter provides accurate and easy-to read levels of intensity. A narrow ultraviolet bandpass filter in combination with the photodiode detector makes the Zenith™ insensitive to ambient lighting within the area being surveyed. The Zenith™ monitor is powered by a single 9volt alkaline battery and an internal battery-saver will automatically shut off the meter after 30 minutes of inactivity.

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