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Ballast: EB-MT-64-1-56-0 C Cas 120v AC 50/60- Includes Wiring Diagram

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Input Voltage: 120v AC
Frequency: 50/60 Hz.
Lamp Types: GPH330T5, G10T5½, GPH357T5, G18T5, GPH436T5, GPH463T5, G24T5, GPH620T5/4, G30T5, GPH793T5/4, GPH810T5/4, G36T5, GPH843T5, G48T5, GPH1148T5
Size: 3.83” x 2.5” x 1.0”
Weight: 10 oz.
Mounting: Slotted Mounting Tabs

This ballast is a replacement ballast for the following 120v AC Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation® Ultraviolet Products:

Brand Model
AeroLogic® Aero-8, Aero-12, Aero-14, Aero-16, Aero-18, Aero-20, Aero-24, Aero-26, Aero-32, Aero-44,

This ballast is also an equivalent replacement ballast for the following 120v AC parts / models:

Brand Model
Aqua Treatment Services ATS1-421, TRI-12, TRI-20
Salcor UV 1011, 36UV, 3G, Salcor UV

Disclaimer: This is an Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation® Surelite® brand ballast. It can be used as an equivalent replacement ballast for other brands.

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Accessories by Model:
AeroLogic AERO-8, AeroLogic AERO-12, AeroLogic AERO-14, AeroLogic AERO-16, AeroLogic AERO-18, AeroLogic AERO-20, AeroLogic AERO-24, AeroLogic AERO-26, AeroLogic AERO-32, AeroLogic AERO-44
Part Type Equipment Brand Model / Part #
Ballast Aero-Logic Aero-12
Ballast Aero-Logic Aero-14
Ballast Aero-Logic Aero-16
Ballast Aero-Logic Aero-18
Ballast Aero-Logic Aero-20
Ballast Aero-Logic Aero-24
Ballast Aero-Logic Aero-26
Ballast Aero-Logic Aero-32
Ballast Aero-Logic Aero-44
Ballast Aero-Logic Aero-8
Ballast Aqua Treatment Services, Inc. ATS1-421
Ballast Aqua Treatment Services, Inc. Tri-12
Ballast Aqua Treatment Services, Inc. Tri-20
Ballast Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation Aero-12
Ballast Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation Aero-14
Ballast Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation Aero-16
Ballast Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation Aero-18
Ballast Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation Aero-20
Ballast Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation Aero-24
Ballast Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation Aero-26
Ballast Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation Aero-32
Ballast Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation Aero-44
Ballast Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation Aero-8
Ballast ATS ATS1-421
Ballast ATS Tri-12
Ballast ATS Tri-20
Ballast Salcor Inc. 1011
Ballast Salcor Inc. 36UV
Ballast Salcor Inc. 3G
Ballast Salcor Inc. Salcor UV
Ballast Surelite 10-0150