Ballast: IUV-2S60-M4-LD 120V-277V Philips Advance PureVOLT

Part Number:
120, 200, 210, 220, 230, 240, 277
Voltage Range:
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Product Description

The Philips Advance IUV-2S60-M4-LD is a 120v-277v, 50/60 Hz., 16 oz. electronic ballast with slotted mounting tabs.

This ballast can be used as an equivalent replacement power supply for the following equipment:

Brand Model
American Ultraviolet TXG400
Trane LIT01169, X13161080030
UV Resources 55000052, 55800031, 55800062, 55800064, 55800066, 58000064, RLM-33-HO, RLM-33-HO Dual, RLM-33-HO-EL, RLM-33-HO-EL Dual, RLM-61-HO, RLM-61-HO-EL, RLMX-33-HO, RLMX-61-HO


Input Voltage: 120v to 277v
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Lamp Types: GPH436T5/HO, G55T8, TUV55/HO, GHO36T5/HO, GPH843T5/HO, GHO64T5/4P, GPH1554T5/HO, PL-L35W/HO, PL-L60W/HO, PL-L95W/HO
Size: 7.75” x 3” x 1.3”
Weight: 16 oz.
Mounting: Slotted Mounting Tabs

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Part Category:
Part Type Equipment Brand Model / Part #
Ballast American Ultraviolet, Inc. TXG400
Ballast UV Resources 55000052
Ballast UV Resources 55800031
Ballast UV Resources 55800062
Ballast UV Resources 55800064
Ballast UV Resources 55800066
Ballast UV Resources 58000064
Ballast UV Resources RLM-33-HO
Ballast UV Resources RLM-33-HO - Dual
Ballast UV Resources RLM-33-HO-EL
Ballast UV Resources RLM-33-HO-EL Dual
Ballast UV Resources RLM-61-HO
Ballast UV Resources RLM-61-HO-EL
Ballast UV Resources RLMX-33-HO
Ballast UV Resources RLMX-61-HO
Lamp Trane LIT01169
Lamp Trane X13161080030