O-Ring: 22mm Quartz Sleeve Seal

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O-Ring used in various Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation® brand water purifiers, as well as an equivalent replacement O-ring for many Viqua Quartz Sleeves.

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Part Category:
Washers, O-Rings, and Gaskets
Atlantic UV Product Line:
Megatron, Mighty Pure, Minipure, Promate, Sanitron, Tank Master
Part Type Equipment Brand Model / Part #
O Ring Aqua-Pure Water Conditioning 5605862
O Ring Aqua-Pure Water Conditioning 56058-62
O Ring Viqua 410867
O Ring Viqua 56058-32
O Ring Viqua 56058-34
O Ring Viqua OR-212
O Ring Viqua QS-012
O Ring Viqua QS-212
O Ring Viqua QS-287D
O Ring Viqua QS-330
O Ring Viqua QS-463
O Ring Viqua QS-600
O Ring Viqua QS-740
O Ring Viqua QS-810
O Ring Viqua QS-950
O Ring Viqua QSO-410
O Ring Viqua QSO-600
O Ring Viqua QSO-950
O Ring Viqua S12Q-PA