Viqua / Sterilight QS-330 Replacement UV Quartz Sleeve

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Quartz Sleeves Overview

  • High quality, fire polished quartz sleeves
  • Wide range of diameters, wall thickness and lengths
  • Supplied with open ends or with closed test tube ends
  • Custom configurations and fabrication available upon request

Part Specifications

Inside Diameter: 20 mm
Outside Diameter: 22.5 mm
Length: 375 mm
Length (inches): 14.75"
End Types: Open Both Ends

This quartz sleeve is an equivalent replacement for the following ultraviolet products:

Brand Model
Aqua-Pure Water Conditioning 5605834, 56058-34, APUV-2
Cuno 5605834, 56058-34, APUV-2
Evoqua Water Technologies W2T137161
Hydro-Safe HS QS-13, HSUV-SS-2, HSUV-SS-2-1, HSUV-SS-2-2
Lancaster Pump & Water Treatment 7-LWT-UV010, 7-LWT-UV7, 7-Q7
*R-Can / Sterilight QS-330, S2Q, S2Q/2, S2Q-Gold, S2Q-Gold/2, S2Q-PA, S2Q-PA/2, S330RL, SSM-17
*Viqua QS-330, S2Q, S2Q/2, S2Q-Gold, S2Q-Gold/2, S2Q-PA, S2Q-PA/2, S330RL, SSM-17, VT4, VT4/2, VT4/2A, VT4/2B, VT4-DWS, VT4-DWS11, VT4-DWS11/2, VT4-DWS11/2A, VT4-DWS11/2B

Disclaimer: This is an Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation® CRYSTAL CLEAR™ brand quartz sleeve. It can be used as an equivalent replacement quartz tube for other brands.

* If you are looking to replace Viqua / Sterilight quartz sleeve QS-330, consider purchasing the S330-QL equivalent combo kit, which contains an equivalent replacement lamp, quartz sleeve, and O-rings for the Sterilight SSM-17, Viqua VT4, and Sterilight S2Q-PA ultraviolet water systems.

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Part Category:
Quartz Sleeves
Cross Reference Brands P to S:
R-Can S2Q, R-Can S2Q-Gold, R-Can QS-330, R-Can S2Q-PA, R-Can S330RL, R-Can SSM-17
Quartz End Type:
Open Both Ends
Quartz Inside Diameter and Outside Diameter (mm):
20 x 22.5
Quartz Length:
12 - 24 in. (306 - 610mm)
Part Type Equipment Brand Model / Part #
Quartz Sleeve Aqua-Pure Water Conditioning 5605834
Quartz Sleeve Aqua-Pure Water Conditioning 56058-34
Quartz Sleeve Aqua-Pure Water Conditioning APUV-2
Quartz Sleeve Cuno 5605834
Quartz Sleeve Cuno 56058-34
Quartz Sleeve Cuno APUV-2
Quartz Sleeve Evoqua Water Technologies LLC W2T137161
Quartz Sleeve Hydro-Safe HS QS-13
Quartz Sleeve Hydro-Safe HSUV-SS-2
Quartz Sleeve Hydro-Safe HSUV-SS-2-1
Quartz Sleeve Hydro-Safe HSUV-SS-2-2
Quartz Sleeve Lancaster Pump & Water Treatment 7-LWT-UV010
Quartz Sleeve Lancaster Pump & Water Treatment 7-LWT-UV7
Quartz Sleeve Lancaster Pump & Water Treatment 7-Q7
Quartz Sleeve R Can QS-330
Quartz Sleeve R Can S2Q
Quartz Sleeve R Can S2Q/2
Quartz Sleeve R Can S2Q-Gold
Quartz Sleeve R Can S2Q-Gold/2
Quartz Sleeve R Can S2Q-PA
Quartz Sleeve R Can S2Q-PA/2
Quartz Sleeve R Can S330RL
Quartz Sleeve R Can SSM-17
Quartz Sleeve Sterilight QS-330
Quartz Sleeve Sterilight S2Q
Quartz Sleeve Sterilight S2Q/2
Quartz Sleeve Sterilight S2Q-Gold
Quartz Sleeve Sterilight S2Q-Gold/2
Quartz Sleeve Sterilight S2Q-PA
Quartz Sleeve Sterilight S2Q-PA/2
Quartz Sleeve Sterilight S330RL
Quartz Sleeve Sterilight SSM-17
Quartz Sleeve Viqua QS-330
Quartz Sleeve Viqua S2Q-PA
Quartz Sleeve Viqua SSM-17
Quartz Sleeve Viqua VT4
Quartz Sleeve Viqua VT4/2
Quartz Sleeve Viqua VT4/2A
Quartz Sleeve Viqua VT4/2B
Quartz Sleeve Viqua VT4-DWS
Quartz Sleeve Viqua VT4-DWS11
Quartz Sleeve Viqua VT4-DWS11/2
Quartz Sleeve Viqua VT4-DWS11/2A
Quartz Sleeve Viqua VT4-DWS11/2B