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S463-QL Viqua™ / Sterilight® Equivalent Combo Kit (Lamp, Quartz Sleeve, O-rings) for the S5Q-PA and SSM-24

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  • Convenient way to purchase annual replacement parts for your water purifier.
  • Saves money over individual purchases.
  • Easy way to ensure that all parts needed for annual replacement are on hand.

The S463-QL Equivalent Replacement Maintenance Kit contains an equivalent replacement ultraviolet lamp for the S463RL, equivalent replacement quartz sleeve for the QS-463, and O-rings for the Sterilight® S5Q-PA, S5Q-PA/2, S5Q-PA/2A, S5Q-PA/2B, SV5Q-PA, and SSM-24.

Also serves as an equivalent replacement kit for the Evoqua Water Technologies W2T556526.

Replacement lamp, quartz sleeve, and O-rings for the following R-Can / Sterilight / Viqua Units:

Brand Model
Evoqua Water Technologies W2T556526
R-Can / Sterilight S463-QL, S5Q-PA, S5Q-PA/2, S5Q-PA/2A, S5Q-PA/2B, SV5Q-PA
Viqua S463-QL, S5Q-PA, S5Q-PA/2, S5Q-PA/2A, S5Q-PA/2B, SV5Q-PA, SSM-24

Disclaimer: This is an Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation® STER-L-RAY® brand lamp and Crystal Clear™ brand quartz sleeve. They can be used as an equivalent replacement parts for other brands.

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Maintenance Kits
Part Type Equipment Brand Model / Part #
Maintenance Kit Evoqua Water Technologies LLC W2T556526
Maintenance Kit R Can S463-QL
Maintenance Kit R Can S5Q-PA
Maintenance Kit R Can S5Q-PA/2
Maintenance Kit R Can S5Q-PA/2A
Maintenance Kit R Can S5Q-PA/2B
Maintenance Kit R Can SSM-24
Maintenance Kit R Can SV5Q-PA
Maintenance Kit Sterilight S463-QL
Maintenance Kit Sterilight S5Q-PA
Maintenance Kit Sterilight S5Q-PA/2
Maintenance Kit Sterilight S5Q-PA/2A
Maintenance Kit Sterilight S5Q-PA/2B
Maintenance Kit Sterilight SSM-24
Maintenance Kit Sterilight SV5Q-PA
Maintenance Kit Viqua QS-463
Maintenance Kit Viqua S463-QL
Maintenance Kit Viqua S463RL
Maintenance Kit Viqua S5Q-PA
Maintenance Kit Viqua S5Q-PA/2
Maintenance Kit Viqua S5Q-PA/2A
Maintenance Kit Viqua S5Q-PA/2B
Maintenance Kit Viqua SSM-24
Maintenance Kit Viqua SV5Q-PA