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Lamp Category:
Hot Cathode
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Watts: 8 Watts
Length: 288 mm
Base: B9
Base Description: 2 Pin Double Ended G5 Metal Base (B9)
Qtz. OD: 16 mm
Wiring: Instant Start
Output: Standard
Category: Hot Cathode
Type: L
Wires: 0
Description: G8T5
Note: Color of Lamp Base has no bearing on operation or use, and should not be considered when determining lamp needed.

This lamp is a replacement lamp for the following Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation® Ultraviolet Products:

Brand Model
Biolux® UV Air And Surface Irradiating Units 8 Watt Strip Fixture

This lamp is an equivalent replacement lamp for the following:

Brand Model
American Ultraviolet GML250
Aquafine 3010, SP-1
Aquanetics Systems ALA-8, Aquanetics 8, PQ8IL, Q14L, Q8IL, Q8ILHP, Q8SPT
Barnstead 04141
Coralife 8 Watt
Custom SeaLife PUVLB508
EiKO Global G8T5
ELGA LabWater Biopure 60/120, Biopure 7/15, ELE025XXXX11503-1, ELE050XXXX11503-1, ELE080XXXX11503-1, LC105, Maxima MK1, Maxima MK2, MB007BPM1, MB007PK01, MB007XXM1, MB015BPM1, MB015PK01, MB015XXM1, MB060XXM1-115, MB120XXM1-115, MD007BPM1, MD007BPM2, MD007XXM1, MD007XXM2, MD015BPM1, MD015BPM2, MD015XXM1, ME007BPM1, ME007PK01, ME007XXM1, ME015BPM1, ME015PK01, ME015XXM1, MED030XXXX11503-1, MED060XXXX11503-1, MED100XXXX11503-1, Medica 30/60/100 Mk2 & 3, Medica 7/15 Mk1, Medica-D 7/15, Medica PRO, Medica-R 30/60/100, Medica-R 7/15, Medica-S 7/15, MP030BBM1-115, MP030RBM1-115, MP030REM1-115, MP030SBM1-115, MP060BBM1-115, MP060RBM1-115, MP060REM1-115, MP060SBM1-115, MP120BBM1-115, MP120RBM1-115, MP120REM1-115, MP120SBM1-115, MR007BPM1, MR007PK01, MR007PK02, MR007XXM1, MR015BPM1, MR015PK01, MR015PK02, MR015XXM1, MR030XXM1-115, MR060XXM1-115, MR100XXM1-115, MR100XX M1-115, OE005BPM2, OE005XXM2, OE010BPM2, OE010XXM2, OPT030PLXX11503-1, OPT030XXXX11503-1, OPT060PLXX11503-1, OPT060XXXX11503-1, Optima 15/30/60 & PLUS, Option 1/2/3/4/5/6, OR007BPM1, OR007XXM1, OR015BPM1, OR015XXM1, Purelab Elect 5/10, Purelab Option 7/15, Purelab Option-E 25/50/80, Purelab Option-E 5/10, Purelab Option-R 30/60M, Purelab Option-R 7/15, Purelab Option-S 30/60, Purelab Ultra MK1, Purelab Ultra MK2, ULXXXIOM1, ULXXXIOM2M
Evoqua Water Technologies W2T167317, W2T169348
Fish Mate 8 Watt, AN1329, BioPond
General Electric 11077, G8T5
Hawaiian Marine AN-8, AN-8A
Ionic Breeze Ionic Breeze Desktop GP
Laguna Power Max 1000, PT-1650, PT-1651, PT-521
Light Sources / LightTech Lamp Technology LTC8T5
Osram Sylvania 21061, G8T5, G8T5/OF, HNS 8W G5
Philips Lighting 299305, TUV 8T5
Purely UV Products PUVLB508
Sankyo Denki G8T5
Sharper Image Ionic Breeze Desktop GP
Spectroline BLE-8T254, EF-180C
Spectronics BLE-8T254
Thermo Fisher Scientific 04141
Tropical Marine Centre Pond Clear Advantage UV8
Ultra Dynamics 7001-727
Ultra Sun Technology Inc. 1RK002, SP-21
Ushio 3000016, G8T5
UV Superstore G8-3010
Vecton UV Pond Clear Advantage UV8

Disclaimer: This is an Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation® STER-L-RAY® brand lamp. It can be used as an equivalent replacement lamp for other brands.

ArmorLite™ Safety Shield is available for use with most STER-L-RAY ® Germicidal Ultraviolet Lamps. Contact our Ultraviolet Application Specialists to discuss the advantages of using germicidal lamps protected by the ArmorLite™ Safety Shield in your installation.

Our STER-L-RAY ® brand of Germicidal Ultraviolet Lamps can be used as equivalent replacement lamps for over 250 equipment brands and 5,000 models of ultraviolet equipment besides Atlantic Ultraviolet’s Air and Water Purifiers.

Can’t find lamp you are looking for? Each of our UV Application Specialists has access to an extensive cross referencing interface. Call us directly at 1-631-273-0500, Monday through Friday, 7am–6pm EST, email us at sales@atlanticuv.com.

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Part Category:
Atlantic UV Product Line:
Base Category (Pins per End):
2 Pin Base
Cross Reference Brands A:
Aquafine SP1, American Ultraviolet GML205, Aquafine 3010, Aquanetics ALA-8, Aquanetics Aquanetics 8, Aquanetics PQ8IL, Aquanetics Q14L, Aquanetics Q8IL, Aquanetics Q8ILHP, Aquanetics Q8SPT, Atlantic Ultraviolet A75, Atlantic Ultraviolet DV75
Cross Reference Brands B to F:
Barnstead Thermo Fischer Scientific 04141, Coral Life 8 Watt, Eiko G8T5, ELGA LabWater LC105, Evoqua Water Technologies W2T167317, Fish Mate 8 Watt, Fish Mate AN1329, Fish Mate BioPond
Cross Reference Brands G to O:
General Electric 11077, General Electric G8T5, Hawaiian Marine AN-8, Hawaiian Marine AN-8A, Ionic Breeze Desktop GP, Laguna Power Max 1000, Laguna PT-1650, Laguna PT-1651, Laguna PT-521, Light Sources LTC8T5, Light Tech LTC8T5, Osram Sylvania 21061, Osram Sylvania G8T5, Osram Sylvania G8T5/OF, Osram Sylvania HNS 8W G5
Cross Reference Brands P to S:
Philips Lighting 299305, Philips Lighting TUV8T5, Purely UV Products PUVLB508, Sankyo Denki G8T5, Sharper Image Ionic Breeze Desktop GP, Spectronics BLE-8T254, SterLRay A75, SterLRay DV75
Cross Reference Brands T to Z:
Thermo Fisher Scientific 04141, Tropical Marine Pond Clear UV8, Ultra Dynamics 7001-727, Ushio 3000016, Ushio G8T5, Vecton UV Pond Clear Advantage UV8
Lamp Length:
0 - 12 in. (0 - 305mm)
Ozone Producing:
Replacement Part Type:
Part Type Equipment Brand Model / Part #
Lamp American Ultraviolet, Inc. GML205
Lamp Aquafine Corporation 3010
Lamp Aquafine Corporation SP-1
Lamp Aquanetics Systems ALA-8
Lamp Aquanetics Systems Aquanetics 8
Lamp Aquanetics Systems PQ8IL
Lamp Aquanetics Systems Q14L
Lamp Aquanetics Systems Q8IL
Lamp Aquanetics Systems Q8ILHP
Lamp Aquanetics Systems Q8SPT
Lamp Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation 8 Watt Strip Fixture
Lamp Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation A75
Lamp Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation DV75
Lamp Barnstead 04141
Lamp Biolux 8 Watt Strip Fixture
Lamp Coralife 8 Watt
Lamp Custom SeaLife PUVLB508
Lamp EiKO Global, LLC G8T5
Lamp ELGA LabWater Biopure 60/120
Lamp ELGA LabWater Biopure 7/15
Lamp ELGA LabWater ELE025XXXX11503-1
Lamp ELGA LabWater ELE050XXXX11503-1
Lamp ELGA LabWater ELE080XXXX11503-1
Lamp ELGA LabWater LC105
Lamp ELGA LabWater Maxima MK1
Lamp ELGA LabWater Maxima MK2
Lamp ELGA LabWater MB007BPM1
Lamp ELGA LabWater MB007PK01
Lamp ELGA LabWater MB007XXM1
Lamp ELGA LabWater MB015BPM1
Lamp ELGA LabWater MB015PK01
Lamp ELGA LabWater MB015XXM1
Lamp ELGA LabWater MB060XXM1-115
Lamp ELGA LabWater MB120XXM1-115
Lamp ELGA LabWater MD007BPM1
Lamp ELGA LabWater MD007BPM2
Lamp ELGA LabWater MD007XXM1
Lamp ELGA LabWater MD007XXM2
Lamp ELGA LabWater MD015BPM1
Lamp ELGA LabWater MD015BPM2
Lamp ELGA LabWater MD015XXM1
Lamp ELGA LabWater ME007BPM1
Lamp ELGA LabWater ME007PK01
Lamp ELGA LabWater ME007XXM1
Lamp ELGA LabWater ME015BPM1
Lamp ELGA LabWater ME015PK01
Lamp ELGA LabWater ME015XXM1
Lamp ELGA LabWater MED030XXXX11503-1
Lamp ELGA LabWater MED060XXXX11503-1
Lamp ELGA LabWater MED100XXXX11503-1
Lamp ELGA LabWater Medica 30/60/100 Mk2 & 3
Lamp ELGA LabWater Medica 7/15 Mk1
Lamp ELGA LabWater Medica-D 7/15
Lamp ELGA LabWater Medica PRO
Lamp ELGA LabWater Medica-R 30/60/100
Lamp ELGA LabWater Medica-R 7/15
Lamp ELGA LabWater Medica-S 7/15
Lamp ELGA LabWater MP030BBM1-115
Lamp ELGA LabWater MP030RBM1-115
Lamp ELGA LabWater MP030REM1-115
Lamp ELGA LabWater MP030SBM1-115
Lamp ELGA LabWater MP060BBM1-115
Lamp ELGA LabWater MP060RBM1-115
Lamp ELGA LabWater MP060REM1-115
Lamp ELGA LabWater MP060SBM1-115
Lamp ELGA LabWater MP120BBM1-115
Lamp ELGA LabWater MP120RBM1-115
Lamp ELGA LabWater MP120REM1-115
Lamp ELGA LabWater MP120SBM1-115
Lamp ELGA LabWater MR007BPM1
Lamp ELGA LabWater MR007PK01
Lamp ELGA LabWater MR007PK02
Lamp ELGA LabWater MR007XXM1
Lamp ELGA LabWater MR015BPM1
Lamp ELGA LabWater MR015PK01
Lamp ELGA LabWater MR015PK02
Lamp ELGA LabWater MR015XXM1
Lamp ELGA LabWater MR030XXM1-115
Lamp ELGA LabWater MR060XXM1-115
Lamp ELGA LabWater MR100XXM1-115
Lamp ELGA LabWater MR100XX M1-115
Lamp ELGA LabWater OE005BPM2
Lamp ELGA LabWater OE005XXM2
Lamp ELGA LabWater OE010BPM2
Lamp ELGA LabWater OE010XXM2
Lamp ELGA LabWater OPT030PLXX11503-1
Lamp ELGA LabWater OPT030XXXX11503-1
Lamp ELGA LabWater OPT060PLXX11503-1
Lamp ELGA LabWater OPT060XXXX11503-1
Lamp ELGA LabWater Optima 15/30/60 & PLUS
Lamp ELGA LabWater Option 1/2/3/4/5/6
Lamp ELGA LabWater OR007BPM1
Lamp ELGA LabWater OR007XXM1
Lamp ELGA LabWater OR015BPM1
Lamp ELGA LabWater OR015XXM1
Lamp ELGA LabWater Purelab Elect 5/10
Lamp ELGA LabWater Purelab Option 7/15
Lamp ELGA LabWater Purelab Option-E 25/50/80
Lamp ELGA LabWater Purelab Option-E 5/10
Lamp ELGA LabWater Purelab Option-R 30/60M
Lamp ELGA LabWater Purelab Option-R 7/15
Lamp ELGA LabWater Purelab Option-S 30/60
Lamp ELGA LabWater Purelab Ultra MK1
Lamp ELGA LabWater Purelab Ultra MK2
Lamp Evoqua Water Technologies LLC W2T167317
Lamp Evoqua Water Technologies LLC W2T169348
Lamp Fish Mate 8 Watt
Lamp Fish Mate AN1329
Lamp Fish Mate BioPond
Lamp General Electric 11077
Lamp General Electric G8T5
Lamp Hawaiian Marine AN-8
Lamp Hawaiian Marine AN-8A
Lamp Ionic Breeze Ionic Breeze Desktop GP
Lamp Laguna Power Max 1000
Lamp Laguna PT-1650
Lamp Laguna PT-1651
Lamp Laguna PT-521
Lamp Light Sources, Inc. LTC8T5
Lamp LightTech Lamp Technology, Ltd. LTC8T5
Lamp Osram Sylvania Ltd. 21061
Lamp Osram Sylvania Ltd. G8T5
Lamp Osram Sylvania Ltd. G8T5/OF
Lamp Osram Sylvania Ltd. HNS 8W G5
Lamp Philips Lighting 299305
Lamp Philips Lighting TUV 8T5
Lamp Purely UV Products PUVLB508
Lamp Sankyo Denki G8T5
Lamp Sharper Image Ionic Breeze Desktop GP
Lamp Spectroline BLE-8T254
Lamp Spectroline EF-180C
Lamp Spectronics Corporation BLE-8T254
Lamp Ster-L-Ray 05-1108-R
Lamp Ster-L-Ray A75
Lamp Ster-L-Ray DV75
Lamp Ster-L-Ray G8T5
Lamp Thermo Fisher Scientific 04141
Lamp Tropical Marine Centre Pond Clear Advantage UV8
Lamp Ultra Dynamics 7001-727
Lamp Ultra Sun Technology Inc. 1RK002
Lamp Ultra Sun Technology Inc. SP-21
Lamp Ushio 3000016
Lamp Ushio G8T5
Lamp UV Superstore, Inc. G8-3010
Lamp Vecton UV Pond Clear Advantage UV8