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AQ37087 Replacement UV Lamp for Culligan Aquada 7 & 10

Part Number:
Lamp Category:
High Output
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Watts: 84 Watts
Length: 875 mm
Base: B28
Base Description: 4 Pin Connector with Wires Single Ended (B28)
Qtz. OD: 17.5 mm
Wiring: Preheat
Output: HO
Category: HO
Type: L
Wires: 2
Description: NLR1880 WS Wedeco Equivalent Replacement, 2 O-Rings
Note: Color of Lamp Base has no bearing on operation or use, and should not be considered when determining lamp needed.

This lamp is an equivalent replacement lamp for the following:

Brand Model
Aqua Treatment Services ATS-4875
Culligan Aquada 7, Aquada 10, AQ37087, NLR1880
Evoqua Water Technologies W2T365426
Glasco Ultraviolet GS880WL
Goulds Water Technology GU13M, GU28P, GU29E, GU40P
Ideal Horizons Aquada 7, Aquada 10
Siemens / Sunlight AAE1517, LP6040
Sun Spot 89302
UV-Guard 11086, 40387, W00024, WLR10
UV Superstore 1880WS
Wedeco 10AP, 10M, 1880WS, 7AP, 7M, AQ37087, Aquada 7, Aquada 10, DLR7, DLR10, NLR1880, NLR1880WS

Disclaimer: This is an Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation® STER-L-RAY® brand lamp. It can be used as an equivalent replacement lamp for other brands.

ArmorLite™ Safety Shield is available for use with most STER-L-RAY® Germicidal Ultraviolet Lamps. Contact our Ultraviolet Application Specialists to discuss the advantages of using germicidal lamps protected by the ArmorLite™ Safety Shield in your installation.

Our STER-L-RAY ® brand of Germicidal Ultraviolet Lamps can be used as equivalent replacement lamps for over 250 equipment brands and 5,000 models of ultraviolet equipment besides Atlantic Ultraviolet’s Air and Water Purifiers.

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Part Category:
Base Category (Pins per End):
4 Pin Base
Cross Reference Brands A:
Aqua Treatment Service ATS4-875, ATS ATS4-875
Cross Reference Brands B to F:
Culligan AQ37087, Culligan Aquada 7 10, Culligan NLR1880
Cross Reference Brands T to Z:
Wedeco 10AP, Wedeco 10M, Wedeco 1880WS, Wedeco 7AP, Wedeco 7M, Wedeco AQ37087, Wedeco DLR10, Wedeco DLR7, Wedeco NLR1880
Lamp Length:
24 - 36 in. (611 - 914mm)
Ozone Producing:
Part Type Equipment Brand Model / Part #
Lamp Aqua Treatment Services, Inc. ATS4-875
Lamp ATS ATS4-875
Lamp Culligan International Company AQ37087
Lamp Culligan International Company Aquada 10
Lamp Culligan International Company Aquada 7
Lamp Culligan International Company NLR1880
Lamp Evoqua Water Technologies LLC W2T365426
Lamp Glasco Ultraviolet GS880WL
Lamp Goulds Water Technology GU13M
Lamp Goulds Water Technology GU28P
Lamp Goulds Water Technology GU29E
Lamp Goulds Water Technology GU40P
Lamp Ideal Horizons Aquada 10
Lamp Ideal Horizons Aquada 7
Lamp Siemens AAE1517
Lamp Siemens LP6040
Lamp Sunlight AAE1517
Lamp Sunlight LP6040
Lamp Sun Spot 89302
Lamp UV-Guard 11086
Lamp UV-Guard 40387
Lamp UV-Guard W00024
Lamp UV-Guard WLR10
Lamp UV Superstore, Inc. 1880WS
Lamp Wedeco UV Technologies, Inc. 10AP
Lamp Wedeco UV Technologies, Inc. 10M
Lamp Wedeco UV Technologies, Inc. 1880WS
Lamp Wedeco UV Technologies, Inc. 7AP
Lamp Wedeco UV Technologies, Inc. 7M
Lamp Wedeco UV Technologies, Inc. AQ37087
Lamp Wedeco UV Technologies, Inc. Aquada 10
Lamp Wedeco UV Technologies, Inc. Aquada 7
Lamp Wedeco UV Technologies, Inc. DLR-10
Lamp Wedeco UV Technologies, Inc. DLR-7
Lamp Wedeco UV Technologies, Inc. NLR1880
Lamp Wedeco UV Technologies, Inc. NLR1880WS