G36T5VH Ozone

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Lamp Category:
Instant Start
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Watts: 41 Watts
Length: 843 mm
Base: B1
Base Description: 1 Single Pin Double Ended (B1)
Qtz. OD: 15 mm
Wiring: Instant Start
Output: Standard
Category: Instant Start
Type: Ozone Producing
Wires: 0
Description: G36T5VH
Note: Color of Lamp Base has no bearing on operation or use, and should not be considered when determining lamp needed.

This lamp is a replacement lamp for the following Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation® Ultraviolet Products:

Brand Model

This lamp is an equivalent replacement lamp for the following:

Brand Model
American Ultraviolet GML090
Aquafine Corporation 16678, 3087, CSL-4R-TOC, MP-2-SL, SL-1
Aqua Treatment Services, Inc. ATS8-246VH
Evoqua Water Technologies W2T169643, W2T365322
Gaylord Industries 20269
Ideal Horizons 11003, 3087, LMP11003
Pureflow Inc. G36B-3087
Siemens / Sunlight 3087, LP4045, ZCSPL3087
Ultra Dynamics 2470 UD, 7008-247-1
UV Doctor 1162, 16678, UVDRX-1162, UVDRX-16678
UV Superstore G36B-3087
Wedeco 11003, LMP11003

Disclaimer: This is an Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation® STER-L-RAY® brand lamp. It can be used as an equivalent replacement lamp for other brands.

Our STER-L-RAY ® brand of Germicidal Ultraviolet Lamps can be used as equivalent replacement lamps for over 250 equipment brands and 5,000 models of ultraviolet equipment besides Atlantic Ultraviolet’s Air and Water Purifiers.

Can’t find lamp you are looking for? Each of our UV Application Specialists has access to an extensive cross referencing interface. Call us directly at 1-631-273-0500, Monday through Friday, 7am–6pm EST, email us at sales@atlanticuv.com.

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Part Category:
Base Category (Pins per End):
Single Pin Base
Cross Reference Brands A:
American Ultraviolet CE-30-2C, American Ultraviolet CE-30-C, American Ultraviolet GML010, American Ultraviolet GML090, American Ultraviolet SM-30-2C, Aqua Azul L-1-807, Aqua Azul L-8-247-1, Aqua Treatment Service ATS8-246VH, Aquafine 3087, Aqua Treatment Service ATS8-246, Aquafine CSL4R-TOC, Aquafine MP2SL, Aquafine SL1, Atlantic Ultraviolet A600, ATS ATS8-246, Atlantic Ultraviolet DV600, ATS ATS8-246VH
Cross Reference Brands G to O:
Ideal Horizons 11003
Cross Reference Brands P to S:
Pureflow Ultraviolet G36B-3087, Siemens 3087, Siemens LP4045, Siemens ZCSPL3087, SterLRay A600, SterLRay DV600, Sunlight 3087, Sunlight LP4045, Sunlight ZCSPL3087
Cross Reference Brands T to Z:
Ultra Dynamics 7008-247-1
Lamp Length:
24 - 36 in. (611 - 914mm)
Ozone Producing:
Part Type Equipment Brand Model / Part #
Lamp American Ultraviolet, Inc. GML090
Lamp Aquafine Corporation 16678
Lamp Aquafine Corporation 3087
Lamp Aquafine Corporation CSL-4R-TOC
Lamp Aquafine Corporation MP-2-SL
Lamp Aquafine Corporation SL-1
Lamp Aqua Treatment Services, Inc. ATS8-246VH
Lamp Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation A600
Lamp Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation DV600
Lamp ATS ATS8-246VH
Lamp Evoqua Water Technologies LLC W2T169643
Lamp Evoqua Water Technologies LLC W2T365322
Lamp Ideal Horizons 11003
Lamp Ideal Horizons 3087
Lamp Ideal Horizons LMP11003
Lamp Pureflow Inc. G36B-3087
Lamp Siemens 3087
Lamp Siemens LP4045
Lamp Siemens ZCSPL3087
Lamp Ster-L-Ray 05-1341-R
Lamp Ster-L-Ray A600
Lamp Ster-L-Ray DV600
Lamp Sunlight 3087
Lamp Sunlight LP4045
Lamp Sunlight ZCSPL3087
Lamp Ultra Dynamics 2470 UD
Lamp Ultra Dynamics 7008-247-1
Lamp UV Doctor 1162
Lamp UV Doctor 16678
Lamp UV Doctor UVDRX-1162
Lamp UV Doctor UVDRX-16678
Lamp UV Superstore, Inc. G36B-3087
Lamp Wedeco UV Technologies, Inc. 11003
Lamp Wedeco UV Technologies, Inc. LMP11003