R-Can / Sterilight S330RL Equivalent Replacement UV Lamp

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Watts: 16 Watts
Length: 330 mm
Base: B24
Base Description: 4 Pin Step Single Ended - 3 levels (B24)
Qtz. OD: 15 mm
Wiring: Preheat
Output: Standard
Category: Preheat
Type: L
Wires: 2
Description: R-Can S330RL / Sterilight S330RL Equivalent Replacement Lamp
Note: Color of Lamp Base has no bearing on operation or use, and should not be considered when determining lamp needed.

This lamp is an equivalent replacement lamp for the following:

Brand Model
Aqua-Pure Water Conditioning 5605833, 56058-33, APUV-2
Cuno 5605833, 56058-33, APUV-2
Evoqua Water Technologies W2T365400
Heraeus AAE1418, LP4735
Hydro-Safe HSRL-13, HSUV-SS-2, HSUV-SS-2-1, HSUV-SS-2-2
Nortec 254-4412, MHTC
R-Can / Sterilight S2Q, S2Q/2, S2Q-Gold, S2Q-Gold/2, S2Q-PA, S2Q-PA/2, S2Q-PV, S330RL, SC-4, SC-4/2, SSM-17
Siemens / Sunlight LP4735
Viqua 0799932600807, 799932600807, S2Q-PA, S2Q-PV, SSM-17, VT4, VT4/2, VT4/2A, VT4/2B, VT4-DWS, VT4-DWS11, VT4-DWS11/2, VT4-DWS11/2A, VT4-DWS11/2B

Disclaimer: This is an Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation® STER-L-RAY® brand lamp. It can be used as an equivalent replacement lamp for other brands.

ArmorLite™ Safety Shield is available for use with most STER-L-RAY ® Germicidal Ultraviolet Lamps. Contact our Ultraviolet Application Specialists to discuss the advantages of using germicidal lamps protected by the ArmorLite™ Safety Shield in your installation.

Our STER-L-RAY ® brand of Germicidal Ultraviolet Lamps can be used as equivalent replacement lamps for over 250 equipment brands and 5,000 models of ultraviolet equipment besides Atlantic Ultraviolet’s Air and Water Purifiers.

Can’t find lamp you are looking for? Each of our UV Application Specialists has access to an extensive cross referencing interface. Call us directly at 1-631-273-0500, Monday through Friday, 7am–6pm EST, email us at sales@atlanticuv.com.

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Part Category:
Base Category (Pins per End):
4 Pin Base
Cross Reference Brands G to O:
Hydro-Safe HSUV-SS-2-1
Cross Reference Brands P to S:
R-Can S2Q, R-Can S2Q/2, R-Can S2Q-Gold, R-Can S2Q-PA, R-Can S2Q-Gold/2, R-Can S330RL, R-Can SSM-17, R-Can S2Q-PA/2, R-Can SC4, R-Can SC4/2, Sterilight S2Q, Sterilight S2Q/2, Sterilight S2Q-Gold, Sterilight S2Q-Gold/2, Sterilight S2Q-PA, Sterilight S2Q-PA/2, Sterilight S330RL, Sterilight SC4, Sterilight SC4/2, Sterilight SSM-17
Lamp Length:
12 - 24 in. (306 - 610mm)
Ozone Producing:
Part Type Equipment Brand Model / Part #
Lamp Aqua-Pure Water Conditioning 5605833
Lamp Aqua-Pure Water Conditioning 56058-33
Lamp Aqua-Pure Water Conditioning APUV-2
Lamp Cuno 5605833
Lamp Cuno 56058-33
Lamp Cuno APUV-2
Lamp Evoqua Water Technologies LLC W2T365400
Lamp Heraeus AAE1418
Lamp Heraeus LP4735
Lamp Hydro-Safe HSRL-13
Lamp Hydro-Safe HSUV-SS-2
Lamp Hydro-Safe HSUV-SS-2-1
Lamp Hydro-Safe HSUV-SS-2-2
Lamp Nortec 254-4412
Lamp Nortec MHTC
Lamp R Can S2Q
Lamp R Can S2Q/2
Lamp R Can S2Q-Gold
Lamp R Can S2Q-Gold/2
Lamp R Can S2Q-PA
Lamp R Can S2Q-PA/2
Lamp R Can S2Q-PV
Lamp R Can S330RL
Lamp R Can SC4
Lamp R Can SC4/2
Lamp R Can SSM-17
Lamp Siemens LP4735
Lamp Sterilight S2Q
Lamp Sterilight S2Q/2
Lamp Sterilight S2Q-Gold
Lamp Sterilight S2Q-Gold/2
Lamp Sterilight S2Q-PA
Lamp Sterilight S2Q-PA/2
Lamp Sterilight S2Q-PV
Lamp Sterilight S330RL
Lamp Sterilight SC4
Lamp Sterilight SC-4/2
Lamp Sterilight SSM-17
Lamp Ster-L-Ray 05-0566
Lamp Sunlight LP4735
Lamp Viqua 0799932600807
Lamp Viqua 799932600807
Lamp Viqua S2Q-PA
Lamp Viqua S2Q-PV
Lamp Viqua SSM-17
Lamp Viqua VT4
Lamp Viqua VT4/2
Lamp Viqua VT4/2A
Lamp Viqua VT4/2B
Lamp Viqua VT4-DWS
Lamp Viqua VT4-DWS11
Lamp Viqua VT4-DWS11/2
Lamp Viqua VT4-DWS11/2A
Lamp Viqua VT4-DWS11/2B