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Ballast: EB-MT1/2-219-1-5/6-0 Includes Wiring Diagram

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Input Voltage: 120v AC
Frequency: 50/60 Hz.
Lamp Types: SANITRON® S2400B Lamp Part No. 05-1311-R
SANITRON® S2400C Lamp Part No. 05-1311-R,
GX48L, GX48VZ, GX48L/4, GX48VZ/4
Certifications: UL #E191525
Size: 11.73” x 3.23” x 1.23”
Weight: 32.8 oz.
Mounting: Slotted Mounting Tabs

This ballast is a replacement for the following Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation® Ultraviolet Products:

Brand Model
SANITRON® A2400, S2400, S2400C, S5,000C, S10,000C, S15,000C, S20,000C, S25,000C

This is the current replacement for the obsolete 10-1041 ballast, which was the replacement ballast for 120v AC SANITRON® A2400 and S2400 ultraviolet water purifier. This ballast (10-0201) can be used as a replacement ballast for that model, as well as the current SANITRON® S2400C and all multi-chamber SANITRON® models.

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Sanitron S2400C, Sanitron S5,000C, Sanitron S10,000C, Sanitron S15,000C, Sanitron S20,000C, Sanitron S25,000C
Atlantic UV Product Line:
Part Type Equipment Brand Model / Part #
Ballast Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation S10,000C
Ballast Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation S15,000C
Ballast Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation S20,000C
Ballast Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation S2400C
Ballast Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation S25,000C
Ballast Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation S5,000C
Ballast Sanitron S10,000C
Ballast Sanitron S15,000C
Ballast Sanitron S20,000C
Ballast Sanitron S2400C
Ballast Sanitron S25,000C
Ballast Sanitron S5,000C
Ballast Surelite 10-0201