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STERALERT™ Lamp Status Alarm with Internal Sounder, Complete with Mounting Collar

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All Mighty Pure® Models, All Sanitron® Models
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STERALERT™ Lamp Status Alarm, Model 30-0090C, is an economical device that produces a high-pitched tone when a water purifier has stopped working due to power failure or lamp failure. The device is battery operated and is positioned on top of the sight port plug of either a SANITRON® or MIGHTY★PURE® ultraviolet water purifier to sense the visible light output of the germicidal ultraviolet lamp (located inside the chamber of the water purifier). Because it is battery operated, it will also indicate a lamp failure when the AC power to the water purifier is removed. The internal battery is a 9-volt Alkaline, which will last more than a year with normal operation. The audible sound consists of a high frequency tone which is pulsed at two or three cycles per second.



Voltage: 9 VDC
MicroAmps (Normal Operation): 9
Milliamps (Lamp Off): 15
Battery Required: 9-volt Alkaline
Size: 3.5" x 2.5" x 2"
Weight: 6 oz. (170 gm)
Audible Output: 85 dbs @ 2 ft.
Pulse rate (Approx): 3 pulses/second
Tone Frequency: 3500 Hz
Optional Power Adapter: 35-0151
Optional Remote Sounder: 35-0172

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