Ballast: EB-MT1/2-128-2-5/6-0 230v 50/60Hz Incl Wiring Diagr

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Input Voltage: 230 VAC
Frequency: 50/60 Hz.
Lamp Types: SANITRON® S50C Lamp Part # 05-1334-R, G12T5 – G64T5, GPH212T5 – GPH1554T5, GHO18T5 – GHO48T5, GPH436T5/HO – GPH1148T5/HO, MIGHTY PURE® MP49C Lamp Part # 05-1334-R
Certifications: UL #E191525
Size: 9.5” x 1.72” x 1.0”
Weight: 14 oz.
Mounting: Slotted Mounting Tabs

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